Happy New Year !

Although I have been very busy this year, with my job as a teacher and other duties, I managed to get some free time in order to draw the things I like. I have been surprisingly productive, at least according to the time I had, and here’s the summary of the illustrations I have done. I’m confident about the fact that 2020 will give me even more opportunities to develop and improve my « little world ». It may also be the right time to go back to 3D. 🙂

I wish everyone a very happy and productive year 2020 ! Cheers !

Santa Robot

As usual, some nonsense and fun I just did. This robot, Christmas themed, is a sort of mix between Go Nagai’s giant robots, Jack Kirby’s Galactus and, of course, Santa Klaus. Done in Affinity Designer after a pencil sketch.

Happy Holidays everyone ! 🙂

The basic original sketch
Our Santa Robot 🙂
Split view in Affinity Designer
Wireframe view