isometric drawing in vectorstyler (3)

This tutorial about isometric drawing in VectorStyler deals with the accuracy. I often choose to estimate rather than being accurate, and I use shortcuts and simplifications as long as everything looks plausible and consistent in the end. But some people may need real accuracy because of their working preferences or because it’s a request from a client. In that case we need to use some more precise settings, that’s what this tutorial shows. It also covers how to automate some drawing steps with the Actions of VectorStyler (sometimes called “scripts” in other software).

Isometric Drawing in VectorStyler (2)

Here’s another tutorial of isometric drawing in VectorStyler that gives different rules and tips, including the use of symbols and how to cut a sphere. Some of these information can be applied to other vector software as well.

The pace is way too slow, once again and my “globish” shows some flaws πŸ˜› For the boring pace you can use Youtube’s features that allow to speed-up the player.

Enjoy πŸ™‚