Repair Truck WIP 1

It’s a new vector illustration I’m working on. I’m trying a different style, with less shiny and more realistic colors. Well, of course, some colors are currently shiny but it’s just to make them easily visible while I’m working. 😉

Speed painting

I recently made a bunch of Wacky Races sketches and I eventually managed some time to make a speed painting of Dick Dastardly. It was done in Affinity Photo and took me around 1.5 hr. As we can see, the poor guy lost a part of his ear during the process 😛


Here’s a Work In Progress of an illustration for the Lunar New Year. As usual, I started with a sketch then trace it in Affinity Designer. I’m not sure yet about the color range I will use in the end. Right now, I’m focused on the drawing.
To be continued…