LNY 2023

Happy New year of the water Rabbit ! 🙂
Well, I’m not super happy about this one, I wish I could have been more subtle and add more details. But I had to rush and I’m already a little bit late… Done in Vectorstyler after a pencil sketch.

Xmas 2022

Hi Everyone,
This year I’m barely in time to share my traditional Xmas Illustration. I had to struggle a bit with Holidays duties and sometimes with software issues. Anyway, I’m happy to have it done. As usual it’s a vector illustration made in VectorStyler after various pencil sketches. I hope you will like it.
Merry Christmas !

isometric drawing in vectorstyler (3)

This tutorial about isometric drawing in VectorStyler deals with the accuracy. I often choose to estimate rather than being accurate, and I use shortcuts and simplifications as long as everything looks plausible and consistent in the end. But some people may need real accuracy because of their working preferences or because it’s a request from a client. In that case we need to use some more precise settings, that’s what this tutorial shows. It also covers how to automate some drawing steps with the Actions of VectorStyler (sometimes called « scripts » in other software).