Mexican Super Heroes WIP 2

Here’s the finished work, done entirely in Affinity Designer. You probably already recognized the famous Radioactive-Luchador and his teammate the Ghost Mariachi ! 🙂

Hmmm… wait.
No actually they’re new in town. Maybe later I will play again with these characters in a more « comic book » way.

Radioactive-luchador and the Ghost Mariachi
Alternate version, with no halo around the Mariachi’s head.

Mexican Super Heroes WIP 1

I’m currently having fun working on a duet of Mexican super heroes. As usual, it’s a vector illustration made in Affinity Designer after a pencil sketch. The final drawing is almost done, I just need to make decision about the face of the second character. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon… 😉

Repair Truck WIP 1

It’s a new vector illustration I’m working on. I’m trying a different style, with less shiny and more realistic colors. Well, of course, some colors are currently shiny but it’s just to make them easily visible while I’m working. 😉