Happy New Year 2023 !

Hi Everyone,
Here’s my usual « retrospective of the year » post. Some slight changes (maybe not so visible for you) occurred since I added a new vector software to my « arsenal » : VectorStyler. I hope to keep on discovering and trying new things on this coming year.
Take care of yourselves, stay safe.
I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2023 !


Hi Everyone,
If you have kids in your surroundings you probably understand what I’m referring to. 😅
So here’s a mashup between Mermay and this very very very (over) catchy song : « Baby Shark« .
Done in Affinity Photo after a pencil sketch, as usual.


Hi everyone,
As a vector illustrator I sometimes miss some specific and truly vector based tools. That’s why I recently gave a try then bought a new vector software which is promising. VectorStyler has a lot of tools and functions that lack in other software I use. And, despite there are still some bugs here and there, I really enjoyed working with it. This isometric drawing is my first try.