Santa Robot

As usual, some nonsense and fun I just did. This robot, Christmas themed, is a sort of mix between Go Nagai’s giant robots, Jack Kirby’s Galactus and, of course, Santa Klaus. Done in Affinity Designer after a pencil sketch.

Happy Holidays everyone ! 🙂

The basic original sketch
Our Santa Robot 🙂
Split view in Affinity Designer
Wireframe view


Another UFO themed Illustration done in Affinity Designer. Same workflow as usual, starting with a traditional sketch. It was the second time in a row that I used a 3 points perspective

Alternate version 🙂

Pacman fanart

Same workflow as usual, I took a recent sketch that I decided to turn into a vector drawing of Pacman. I had to compromise on some features like the ghosts’ faces, and the final look is a little bit “froggy”. After a few adjustments and changes, I turned him into a more classic version. 🙂

The first version had a too green color and teeth that I eventually skipped.
The final version